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Walker Meadows Subdivision

Walker Meadows Subdivision - Marysville, Ohio

Client: Debbie Lutz, Boerger Road SR 38, Ltd.

The project consisted of the planning, design, and construction services for a 45 acre subdivision in Marysville, Ohio.  The existing farm land required a boundary survey to define the property boundaries and to provide the necessary information for easement and rights-of-way preparation.  PEI also provided all bidding documents and aided the developer during the selection of the contractor.  PEI continued as construction manager for the project which included 4,476 linear feet of water main, 4,687 linear feet of sanitary sewer, 3,909 linear feet of storm sewer, three (3) storm water detention ponds, and all roadways including the subdivision entrances onto Boerger Road and State Route 38.